In an increasingly dynamic society, the ability to identify and cultivate one's talent from an early age, in order to be able to develop it throughout life through a continuous training process, represents the best guarantee to build a future full of satisfactions.

This is the basis of the innovative "Skilland" project developed by the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation in collaboration with Banca Simetica and which, thanks to the wide territorial network created (around 50 public and private subjects) and quality of the project has obtained a contribution of 250 thousand euros from the social enterprise "Con i Bambini" in the context of the calls against child poverty education.

The project, which is currently going live, will have a total cost of 500 thousand euros and was presented today, October 28, at the Auditorium of Città Studi in the presence of over 180 people including a large representation of the institutions and of schools.

The President of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation, Franco Ferraris, opened the meeting in the presence of numerous sector operators particularly interested in the potential of the project.

"I am particularly happy that the presentation of such an important project for our territory takes place in Città Studi - explained Ferraris - in fact it is precisely from the formation of the young generations that we will leave to write a new future for the Biella area, and this is a project that focuses on the strength of the networks to identify new opportunities, a virtuous process that the Foundation is fielding in all areas of intervention and that is paying off. Skilland is among other things included among the projects of the UNESCO candidacy of the city of Biella".

The mayor Claudio Corradino was also satisfied: “Once again I must say thanks to the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation, which is now a real engine for the Biella area - he explains - the strategic areas of intervention of this institution are really many and thanks to the action of synergy implemented so far Biella could become a model of development also in the field of training".

Maria Teresa Furci, Director of the Territorial School Office of Biella, joined the considerations of the Mayor, while the presentation of the guidelines of the Skilland project was entrusted not only to a video by the director Michele Burgay to a report by Enrico Pesce and Paola Merlino of the consortium Il filo da tessere: “The Skilland project consists of multiple actions aimed at trainers, families, children, companies and teachers and aims to identify and enhance talent. Many tools have been put in place to achieve this result: they range from a high-level training course for counselors to a series of seminars and thematic conferences on various forms of talent (sporting, technological, cultural, artistic). There will be a lot of work on the territory in extra-school contexts with particular attention to parishes and sports associations and companies will also be involved with visits to production sites. A very complex three-year project, therefore, which envisages putting children at the center to help them identify their own aptitudes".

 Much interest was aroused during the conference by the presentation, by Irene Miletto of the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation, of the project "The city of talents" dedicated to the enhancement of the skills and attitudes of the young people from Cuneo to whom the Biella project was inspired part.

Starting at 11 am the second part of the morning was then dedicated to a moment of study with the university professor Alessandro Rosina, an expert on social transformations and innovation, who gave a broader theoretical framework to the Skilland project, framing it in a transformation dimension large-scale social enterprise.

The conference was closed by a speech by the Hon. Lucia Azzolina, Undersecretary for Education, who had come from Rome to bring her support to the initiative. "I am delighted that the Biella area is one of the promoters of a particularly innovative initiative like Skilland - he said - focusing on children and young people is the right way to write our future".

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