Note A Margine presents BEYOND THE BORDERS OF THE TRIP: THE MAN AND THE MOON Thursday 12 December at 9.00 pm at Palazzo Ferrero. Meeting by Barbara Masoni and Stefano Minola.

As in 2017, Note A Margine, the project by Stefano Minola between music and literature with Barbara Masoni, reserves for the "Travel - Horizons, Frontiers, Generations" event, this year at its third edition, a very special meeting dedicated to the moon, whose conquest has always been, from well before the landing of 50 years ago, in our imaginary of travelers.

The enigmatic presence of the moon in the night also leads us, however, to travel within ourselves, coming to represent in some way the most hidden side of our soul. This is why, in artists, the moon has always stimulated the poetic faculty of imagination, solicits the consolation of poetry, induces the composition of introspective and melancholic music ... It will therefore be the mystery of the moon that leads the personal journey of Note A Margine , as usual between words and music.

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